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PO Box 8708,
Havelock North
New Zealand
P: +64.6.876.7244
F: +64.6.876.7241


Welcome to Mytopia Mushrooms


Mytopia specializes in growing the best quality Oyster mushrooms and spawn.


These unusual mushrooms earn their name from their shape which resembles an oyster shell (they do not taste like oysters).

Oyster mushrooms have a unique and delicate flavour compared to other types of mushrooms, with a divine smooth and buttery texture, but at the same time more meaty than regular mushrooms.


They are easy to cook and extremely versatile with uses limited only by one's imagination.


Our mushrooms and products are grown and produced with a deep passion .

As little handling and processing as possible is used in every stage of the production to minimize damage and preserve the natural quality.

Our mushrooms are hand picked.


Our unique packaging ensure mushrooms reach their destination in as good a condition as they were harvested.


Ask the many chefs who choose only Mytopia products for their restaurants.

Mytopia plans to grow other exciting and delicious exotic mushrooms. Trials are underway for the production of Enokitake and Shiitake mushrooms.


Watch this space for our newest product

Fresh Jumbo Shiitake Mushrooms available only from Mytopia Mushrooms

Fresh Oyster Mushrooms

Fresh Enokitake Mushrooms

Dried Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushroom Spawn



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