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PO Box 8708,
Havelock North
New Zealand
P: +64.6.876.7244
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About Mytopia Mushrooms


Aiman Samy was introduced to Oyster Mushrooms through a basic two week course on their production while majoring in Horticulture at university in 1993.


Fascinated by the nature of these organisms and falling in love with their delicate and delicious flavour, he wondered about the possibility of commercial production.

After graduation, Aiman immigrated to New Zealand late 1995.

Observing the popularity of the regular mushroom varieties combined with the absence of Oyster mushrooms, he saw an opportunity for this new product.

Realizing that additional information was needed, Aiman bought many books and spent most of the following few years researching the production of Oyster mushrooms, during which his passion and fascination for them grew more and more.

It was not long before he was nicknamed the mushroom man by all who knew him.

Eventually in 2004, despite the doubts of many and realizing that the average consumer was not aware of their existence, Aiman decided to set up a small operation for commercial production.

By September, 2004, the first crop was harvested. Samples were sent to large and well reputed restaurants such as the Mission Estate Restaurant and Huka Lodge.

Aiman then took his mushrooms to the Hawkes Bay Farmers Market where samples were cooked and information was provided about this delicious food.


MYTOPIA was the chosen name, this comes from two words: ‘My’ from Mycology; The study of fungi and mushrooms, and ‘topia’; from Utopia, with the aim of presenting a perfect world of mushrooms.


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