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Fresh Oyster Mushrooms


Oyster mushrooms are the third most consumed mushrooms worldwide after the Buttons (agarics) and coming in second place are shiitake Mushrooms.

Originally from Asia, they have quickly found their way around the world and are well suited to all tastes.


Mytopia mushrooms has been proudly growing and supplying New Zealand with our premium Oyster Mushrooms since 2001. Actively promoting, cooking and offering free tastings wherever our mushrooms are sold.


These mushrooms are extremely versatile and easy to cook with. In general, they can be handled in the same way as the regular mushrooms the only requirement being: "Keep it simple"


They have a beautiful, unique and delicate flavour that can be lost among too many other flavours.


Click here to see ways to cook oyster mushrooms.


Uses for oyster mushrooms are only limited by ones imagination.

Extremely nutritious, a great source of protein as well as Niacin, Riboflavin, fiber, and Vitamin D, with low calories and low fat. A perfect meat substitute for vegetarians.


Good quality Oyster mushrooms should be firm, smooth and wrinkle free with bright white gills (The under side of the cap). Cap colour can vary considerably from almost white to a dark brown, this is dependent on temperature, lighting and location within the growing sheds. Oyster mushrooms fruit in large cluster of many mushrooms that all mature at the same time, for this reason size also varies considerably as there are both big and small mushrooms in each cluster. Size should not be used as an indication of quality.


Our mushrooms are available for retail in : 100g, 150g packs. Also available 250g pack for bulk orders, we do not package larger than 250g to protect mushrooms from damaging each other during transport and ensure they arrive in the best possible shape.


Discounts available on wholesale and bulk orders
Free freight for orders over 5kgs (Certain restrictions apply).



Nutritional Information:
Per 100 grams
Energy (kJ) 109.00 KJ, Protein 3.2 gms, Total Fat 0.20 gms, Saturated Fat 0.00 gms, Carbohydrates 0.80 gms, Sugars 0.20 gms, Sodium 5.00 mg.


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